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Mar 10, 2009
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Is anyone out there using foam board? I saw some in an art shop today and it looks an interesting material - lightweight foam between two layers of thin card. very light and strong.

If anyone's tried using it I'd appreciate some advice on glues, cutting, construction tips etc. I have a project in mind, and it could be an ideal material.
yes,very usefull material
a sharp blade is a must,to keep from tearing along the foam core
most glues will work with it.
Great stuff. I have used it a lot and Art Applewhite makes ample use of it in his saucer line. I made an 8"x6ft rocket primarily out of it and posterboard. I also made the fins for my XL-5 out of foamboard. The links to these projects can be accessed from the web site in my sig. I have also used it on the fins for other G-H powered rockets with the edges framed in dowels. If you want to go higher tech, you can cover it with other materials, glass it, etc.

Like stymie said, use a new sharp blade to cut it, and cut it in several swipes. I have used both wood glue and epoxy with good success. If you are concerned about strength, consider addtional support members.

Good luck and post your project!
I've heard foam board can stand up to a G motor when used for centering rings!
I used it for the CRs on my 8" dia Grand Whazoo. I use it often for other odd sized rings but usually back fill the rings with polyurethanne glue.

I fly it on G80-4s. One day a 29mm H.
1) use a really sharp knife or it will tear

2) a layer of 6ox cloth on each side makes it really strong and light

3) cover the edges to prevent any chance of delamination (I haven't flown my first foamboard fins but I made sure to seal the edges just in case )
I used it as centering rings in a stubby 6 inch rocket (and others) with a G-80. No problem. I used polyurethane glue and epoxy without problem.
Thanks for all the responses & tips. It sounds a useful material, and seems easier to work than balsa. I'd never have though of using it for centering rings.

I'll publish the project on the appropriate page when I've finished it. I'm keeping the details quiet so it doesn't lose its impact.
I've used it mostly as CRs but its great stuff, like every1 else has said use a sharp blade and it shouldn't be to hard.... cut a little big if your woried about getting it right the first time, its real easy to sand.

Here's a pic of the fincan on a crayon rocket, it has 3 CRs made from the stuff. I used epoxy and yellow glue on it, either works great.
Seems like CA with accelerater would melt foam. Anyone experience it? I know there is extreme heat when the 2 are mixed so I would assume it would not really work.
For some reason I thought CA would attack the foam, but i can't remember for sure. Epoxy, wood glue, white glue, and polyurethane are all OK. Anything else should be tested first.
CA does attack the foam in my exp. But i use it anyway and it works fine. A little smoke...a little heat.....its all good!
I have used it for CRs, and for a few fins (I still like balsa better), and some other special-purpose jobs

Some foamcore has face sheets with a slick, almost waxy texture. I peel off a bit of the outer paper layers from those face sheets and water-based glues stick just fine.
I have lately seen foam core in colors including gold. Might be nice for saucers and other items where it is going to be visible.