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Dec 24, 2003
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I saw a little 1/4A scratcbuilt this past weekend that was supposed to look like a sharpie with fins. The guy who had it told me it was in a recent Sport Rocketry. Does anybody know which one?
March/April 2002 has plans to turn a real Sharpie into a 13mm flier. Uses a Sharpie cap for the cone and a BT-5 for the body. The plan includes a wrap to cover the BT-5. It requires some minor cap mods, some clay, and a balsa stop to keep the cap from sliding in too far. The rest is standard 13mm rocket construction.
Dick just set me up. Thanx

Now for my evil plan

1. build one with clear fins

2. Build a big one (starting with BT-60) - I'll call it an adult crayon.

I'm sure hospital will post some as soon as he builds one.