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Sep 24, 2010
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DynaSoar wrote on 11-12-2004 09:17 PM:
What do you think about the 21st (that Sunday)? My calendar is open that day. Sounds like a great idea.
I'm all for it. I've asked Powderburner and Stealdesk (I flew with him in Arlington last week.) I'll let you know what they say, but count me in weather permitting. I can head out about noon and be there appx. 1 PM.

Let me know where or give me a mapquest result or something.

What size flying area we talking?
It's an area of 6 adult and 4 youth soccer fields. Here's a link with a pic or two:

Here are some directions:

Directions to North Lakes Park
North Lakes Park is located in Denton, Texas on I35 just north of where I35E and I35W merge
From Dallas:

Take 635 (LBJ Freeway) west, to Interstate 35E.
Go north on 35E, toward Lewisville.
Keep going on 35E, through Lewisville, Lake Dallas, Corinth, and Denton.
Just past the University of North Texas, 35E will meet 35W and become 35 and still be going north.
Exit 35 at the Hwy 380 (University).
Go east (right) on 380 to the first stoplight, Bonnie Brae.
Go north (left) on Bonnie Brae, past the softball fields and fire station on the corner of Windsor and Bonnie Brae.
The soccer fields will be on your right, just north of the softball fields.

It's pretty easy to find. I'll just have to figure on a suitable meeting place in or near the park.

Here's an aerial photo of the fields I found. I marked the entrance to the soccer fields on the photo. There are two parking lots: one on the northwest corner and a larger one on the southeast side. I suggest we meet in the larger lot on the southeast side, and then determine where to set up based on field usage and wind conditions.

I have no idea what scale this photo is, but it might give you an idea.