Flying my Vintage Estes Rockets tomorrow

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Jan 18, 2009
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If the weather holds out, I will finally be able to launch more of my vintage Estes rockets. The wadding is all packed and the birds are ready to go. I will be posting pictures of the flights in a day or so. If the wind remains calm, I should be able to launch all these rockets.




Let us know how the Columbia (just the orbiter) does - I have one that hasn't flown yet. GREAT fleet!
Those are great looking rockets :) I hope it goes well for you :)
Looks like a fun day ahead. The eagle looks much better than stock.
Wow, that's a pretty nice loking fleet! I'm building an Estes Argosy right now so I'm looking forward to the launch report.
Beautiful rockets!

If it will be a -mass- launch, plan on launching at a school at recess T+2 minutes.

That way more kids will be available for recovery. :D
Well today did not go as well as I wanted. I was supposed to be at the launch site at 0800 and did not make it down there until 9am. When I got there the City decided to "Plow" the sand. So I had to wait untill after 10am. By that point the wind started to pick up so I was only able to launch a few.
The Alien Space Probe flew awsome with no problems.
The R2-D2 rocket took off nice and then started to nose dive towards the ground. Luckily the parachute deployed in time.
The Aries SST flew real nice with no problems.
The X-Ray was also a good performer.
The F15 Eagle flew great and recovered nicely, I was concerned because it is a heavy bird.
The Argosy flew a little to high and I had to chase it down and come real close to losing it.



A groomed launch field! Dang!
Those are some nice pics of some nice looking rockets, thanks for the motivation!
What did you fly the Argosy on?
Very nice pictures indeed :) The r2d2 dive looked awesome but must have given you the willies :)
GREAT pics! I agree with Fred - in our family's experience 'ol R2D2 was always a bit "wobbly" in all of it's various sizes! :eek:

A collection of beautiful models!
I launched at Fiesta Island in San Diego. It is a nice field but the wind does kick up early in the morning.
I am always amazed how I walk away from a day of flying with little nicks and scratches on my rockets. If there is a rock in the sand, my rockets will find it on landing. The other problem is that it only takes a little wind to pick up my parachute and drag the rocket along the ground before I can pick it.:(
The Argosy was flown on a B6-4.