Fly-Apart Rail Guides for high power?

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Jul 14, 2009
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I just read the article in the Apogee Peak of Flight newsletter on fly-apart rail guides. Has anyone tried this for a (smallish) high power motor?

I want to build a min dia Weasel but can't decide on lugs, tower, buttons, etc... this fly-apart design looks promising:

My thought was that music wire might chew up aluminum rail if the end digs in. What about using a small delrin/nylon sleeve over the ends of the wire? This could reduce friction and save wear.

Edit: Added drawing. It's a little-known fact that I'm knows as slog "Picasso" filet in exclusive art circles.

fly away rail guide.JPG
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I think that design will slip and wedge it-self tight. I've used Plasti-Struct sheet and "C" rail to make mine. You can figure out how that would work. I've used 2 4" long sections for a tall rocket with great success.

I take a sharpened candle and rub the slots with parafin wax. Haven't had a hang-up yet :)rolleyes: knock on wood)