Flush Foward Closures?

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Jan 18, 2009
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Or is it aft? The part that sticks out the back of the motor mount. :rolleyes:

My Sheri's Gemini Titan will only fly off ONE kind of G due to the delay changes of the Aerotech G80, and reloadable motor closures won't fit under the aluminium nozzles. Are there any closures that are flush with 29mm Aerotech casings available?

Also, the Titan's picture has made it into Extreme Rocketry! It is in the Midwest Power article this month. :)
Check with Tom Rouse. I know Rouse-Tech has flush AFT closures for the 38mm Aerotech cases. Don't know about the 29's, though.

Do I have to contact him to get them specially made or are they available through dealers exept for the two I checked? They are not even listed on the Rouse-Tech website.
Check with Gary and see what he says but you could grind off the thrust ring.

*NOTE* I don't want crap about this being modification, its what I would do to get something flying. TRA is my membership, my dad is L3 and I fly with MDRA, almost anything goes with those combinations.