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May 25, 2004
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The Florida Gulf Coast Tripoli Launch is set for this Saturday 18 September 2004. You can check out the website at FGCTripoli . The site is in need of updating but due to the Hurricane Charlie our webmaster is without internet. I plan on launching my popsickle rocket so ill make sure I take lots of pics and let you all know how she flew.

Although we had a small turnout, that didn't stop me from getting some birds up in the air. Hey, this launch was clearly well deserved after all the crappy weather we had to deal with the past few weeks.:rolleyes:

First up was my PML Explorer on an H128 with a medium delay. It shot off the pad with a flame about half the length of the 4 foot tall rocket in a hurry to a predicted altitude of 2,000 feet according to PML.

The recovery was successful except it took absolutely FOREVER to find it in the nearly neck high weeds I encountered, my legs got rather scratched up but I'll worry about that later. All I could think of is that I just lost a very nice rocket along with my RMS 29/180 casing but luck was on my side and I eventually stumbled across it.:D

Next up was my Fliskits Richter Recker on three Estes D12-5 motors. Great flight and both sections were recovered next to each other. I do however need to get some better chutes for this rocket as the booster mylar chute got a huge tear in one side.

I then sent my Yank Wraith up on an F52-8T. Very quick flight with a cool whistling sound heard after motor burnout. It was recovered successfully.

My final flight of the day was a very cool one with my AT Strong Arm on a G33-7J. Lots of nice dark smoke and long burn. Nice recovery too. I love it when they go high and land close.:D :D :D

I also bought an H73J for my Small Endeavour but I didn't get around to flying it. Oh well, there's always next month.:)