Fliskits Whachamacallit Build for Friday Academy.

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Jul 25, 2009
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As some of you may have read there was some questions about rocketry and
4th and 5th grade safety went, https://www.rocketryforum.com/showthread.php?t=9592,
fortunately reason and logic prevailed.

Several vendors offered bulk pricing for kits, thanks to all those who
contacted me.

The teacher and I chose Jim Flis' Whachamacallit, which will be from here on
"W", because I hate typing and my only complaint on the rocket so far is the
long name... :rolleyes: The key items for our selection of this kit were, no
hobby knives are needed, the short build time, and the Jig-Tech fins.

I am building this rocket with my 7 year old, a second grader, he was a little
challenged by the fins but he figured them out. Tonight we got the fins
glued up the engine mount prepped I like the Kevlar thread for the recovery
harness. We also installed the screw eye in the NC. Later this week will be
gluing the MMT into the airframe and attaching the fins and launch lug.

We have 5 x 45 minute sessions with the kids, but really it is only 4 session
as the last one is a sharing session. The group is relatively small 10 kids max.

So the plan right now is:

1st day - assemble fins, motor mount and nose cone.
2nd day - install MM, LL and assemble recovery system.
3rd day - paint rockets.
4th day - launch rockets as a group.

5th day - Sharing launch just one for the whole school.

I was thinking that we have to select one kids rocket for the sharing launch,
how can we do that by using rocketry principles.

1 - altitude.
2 - closest to the pad on landing.
3 - what other ideas do you have???

FA 01.jpg

02 Fins.JPG
First, thank you for choosing FlisKits!

Closest to the pad and duration are the easiest to measure so I would choose from one of those.

Sometimes I also have a "craftsmanship event" for those classes where all of the kids have painted their models. The way we do *that* is to have the kids vote for their best rocket, and they are not allowed to vote for their own :)

Keep us posted on how the class goes!