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Jan 30, 2009
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NO FRIES WITH THAT!!!;) Here is the finished FlisKits STINGRAY: a unique building experience...and probably the LIGHTEST rocket I ever built!!!:eek:
The peel 'n' stick painting experience was a nice diversion. I realized that actual masking and painting is probably my worst part of rocketry! Since I used the black MAELSTROM scheme, my only painting was the edges of the fins with a black SHARPIE and some detailing on the "guns". I did spray paint the balsa nose cone. The airfoiling of the fins prior to attaching the fin wraps was a nice subtle touch....the wrap has airfoil details in it. THE DESIGNER (Jim) is one sharp cookie!;)
The complexity of the instruction sheet....there are SO many options....might throw you for a loop at first....but I guess I did allright! Since I use epoxy mostly for all my building now, I was concerned about going back to just Elmers glue. I did end up epoxying the fins under the wrap, but since the kit is SO light, I figured the outboard fin verticals would be allright with Elmers glue. I am amazed at the intricasies of the wraps...was concerned that using Elmers glue would mar the paper if some glue oozed out during construction. You just take a LIGHTLY MOISTENED towel and wipe off the excess. I wondered if self-adhesive double-stick tape could be used to assemble the wrap as some Quest kits in the past. But they sometimes want to "let go" over time so I guess this way is better!:) I used chrome trim-monocote so I wouldn't have to PAINT the body tube. The NO PAINTING wraps spoiled me. I REALLY DO hate painting!:mad:
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS KIT!!!!:D :D My ONLY suggestion might be that the "cockpit" decal be a waterslide variety to better fit the contours of the nose cone.:rolleyes:
Thank you very much :)

And I love your Stingray with the chrome mono-kote. very cool looking that way!

Nice flight and easy recovery on Fliskits 16" chute close to the pad. This should fly well on bigger motors too. Very cool kit...want to get another to dress out in the NSL scheme that I already have. Good job, Jim!!!:) :)

Really nice build.

Also really like the Der Red Tres! :D
Great pix. I really like that recovery pix. COuld you email me the high res versions of those pix. I am hoping that, shortly after NARAM, I will have time to work on the photo albums, and these pix would be great.

I am hoping that, shortly after NARAM, I will have time to work on the photo albums,


Yea! right:rolleyes:

Good one, Jim.