FlisKits: Some new components added!

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Jan 17, 2009
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FlisKits has just added the following new components to thier growing line of model rocket components:

- NCB-50HJ - This is the Honest John nose cone for the BT-50 tube
- CRF-5-50 centering ring to center a BT-5 inside a BT-50
- BT-5-08 8.0" BT-5 body tube
- BT-5-0944 9.44" BT-5 body tube

NOTE: The BT-5-085 8.5" body tube has been discontinued

Also note, for the time being (hopefully only a few days), the following items are out of stock and orders are not being accepted at this time:

- Deuce's Wild!
- NCB-20B
- NCB-55AD
- NCB-60DW
- CRF-50-55
- CRF-50-70
- CRF-55-60

We hope to have this stock shortage corrected in a couple of days. You can get details on these items by clicking the NEW "What's New" link in the upper left of our home page.