FlisKits: Pre-Announcement: Freedom Forge Missile

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Jan 17, 2009
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FlisKits is proud to announce (actually a Pre-Announcement) the upcoming release of the Freedom Forge Missile, our first ever Design of the Year entry by the one and only Daren Humphries !

A formal announcement will be made at NSL-2004 in Hearn, Texas on May 29th!

If our planning works out, and material comes in this week, we will have kits for sale at NSL-2004 with pre-orders accepted online for delivery within 2 weeks of our return from NSL.

Keep watch over FlisKits.com for exciting information about this most unique kit release! For more information about the exciting design, visit the winning entry for the May, 2003 Design of the Month Contest!
Hmm...the wheels are already turning. Looks like a Carl T. upscale 2-stager! :D

Jim, any hints as to the stock decor? Military scale? Looks like another promising FlisKits release.

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