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Jan 17, 2009
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I wanted to let folks know that due to feedback received that we (FlisKits) agree with, we are in the process of transitioning over to laser cut fins for the Overdrive.

This kit is billed as a Skill Level 1 kit yet had 8 fins (small ones at that) that need to be cut out. This is quite a challenge for beginners and we agree that it is too much to expect of a Skill Level 1 kit.

Rather than raise the skill level to "2", we decided to go with laser cut fins. HOWEVER, we still have many in inventory and the retail version of the kit will not see the laser cut fins until the curent inventory is exhausted.

I am bringing this up at this time to announce that from this point forward, all Educational Bulk Pack Overdrive kits will contain the laser cut fins.

We feel that this will greatly help the classroom and provides a very neat little rocket that is truely a Skill Level 1 kit. I've attached a photo of the laser cut fins so that those who have built it can see what we've done to this kit.

As soon as these laser cut fins are avail in the retail version of the kit we will let everyone know.