FlisKits: New cluster engine mount kits!

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Jan 17, 2009
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FlisKits would like to announce that the 3 new Cluster Engine Mount kits are now available for pre-orders!

These include:
EMK4-24-80 (four 24mm mounts in a BT-80)
EMK5-124-418-80 (one 24mm and four 18mm mounts in a BT-80)
EMK7-18-80 (seven 18mm in a BT-80)

We expect to receive the documentation early next week and will begin shipping within a day of receiving them!

all orders containing pre-order items (there are 9 new items available for pre-order at this time) will be shipped when the order can be completed.

Please visit https://fliskits.com/ for details!

:mad: I thought they were cluster "KITS".:mad:

They are cluster "MOUNT" kits.

Got us all excited for ....well...something else.:confused:
sweet...will you have some available for purchase saturday at the launch?
Originally posted by sandman
:mad: I thought they were cluster "KITS".:mad:

They are cluster "MOUNT" kits.

Got us all excited for ....well...something else.:confused:

OUCH! Didn't even think about that...

Could a moderator do me the favor of changing the title of this thread to read:

"FlisKits: New Cluster Engine Mount Kits!" ??

And with a wave of the moderator wand...POOF! New cluster engine mount kits!! :D

(and a free bump to boot!)
Would the moderater wave his wand again and make Flis's cluster rocket kits appear??

thanks from all of us!!
man, youses guys is *bad*! LOL

r1dermon I will have 3 of each in proto-type packaging (zip lock bags...) with ink jet instructions, if interested.


All three of the new cluster Engine Mount Kits are now in stock and shipping!

These are beautiful kits that will lift your largest model rockets!

Now to figure out how to get BT-80 tubes in house... LOL (need space for a few thousand before I even *think* about ordering!)