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Jul 12, 2003
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Maybe somebody can tell me ehat I am doing wrong. I have downloaded the ME, but have a problem printing it. I print it full size w/o scaling to fit selected. The BT is almost 10" long, which I think is correct, but the nose cone shoulder gets cut off on the edge. I amusing Adobe Reader 6.0 and hp Deskjet 960C. Seems like a margin problem, but I can't find anything to adjust.:confused: :confused: :confused: :mad:
Can you rotate the pic? Sometimes that will help a margin issue.
Same problem if it's rotated. In portrait view, the printer requires 0.25" margin, I think that's the problem.....
hhhmmmm, have never had someone report *this* problem, but I do notice that the patterns do run a little close to the edge.

When I get a moment I will correct that and repost the patterns. It may take a few days though...

I get margin hastle, when trying to print the ME on A4 paper (not quite as wide as US paper), cutting off the edges of some of the patterns.

If you could repost them with the patterns a little further from the edge, I'd be greatful Jim. :D
Keep in mind that printers need a "gripper edge" - a margin where they grab hold of the paper to feed into the mechanism. This will vary by type and brand.

My experience with building MEs is that there's enough leftover paper to "scratch" make a nose shoulder or engine block.
Try checking the auto-rotate & centering pages box.
This help me with the same problem..