FlisKits: Kit Logo Decals?

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Jun 17, 2002
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Jim, a while back you mentioned in this thread that you would try to add downloads of the kit logo images to your website so that those interested could download the images and print their own kit logo decals for their FlisKits.

I think it's an excellent idea, and I was wondering if it's still something you plan on doing. The Nomad I'm working on is just begging for that Nomad logo (oh please, oh please...) ;)
Well, thank you for the reminder! :)

Frankly, I've been so busy that some of the "nicities" have had to get put on the back burner... (you may have noticed that my contributions *here* on TRF have slowed way down in the past weeks... :) )

I am hoping for two things. First, get the files up on site so that folks can download them. Second, get the logo images done up as waterslide decals and begin adding them to the kits. There would be no added cost for these as the actual small decal would not be that expensive (the initial cost is very high though), but it would be a very nice addition to the kits.

For *now*, please send me an email as a reminder about the Nomad kit and I will get an image to you. Sending an email reply with an attachement takes *far* less time than doing such an update tothe web site :)

Thanks for the reply. I fired off the email you requested.

Those "niceties" sound great! I'll be looking forward to them. Adding decals to the kits would be really cool, but posting them and letting us have our own fun with them also has it's own appeal... Ahhh, I can see the ideas already... :D

Looks like we have yet another instance of that fantastic FlisKits service and dedication!!!