FlisKits: Goddard Nell kit coming at NARCON!

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Jan 17, 2009
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FlisKits will be announcing two new rocket kits at the upcoming NARCON 2010 at Clark University in Worcester, MA in the middle of March (next weekend).

Today we completed the build of the Nell, a scale model of Goddard's (and the worlds) first liquid fueled rocket. Inarguably the most historically significant rocket ever built and flown!

Never before produced in kit form, this rocket is a MUST HAVE for anyone interested in scale, history, odd-rocs and/or challenging builds! This is a rocketry first, folks :)

Nell was flown on March 16th, 1926 in Auburn, MA.

As the sponsor of NARCON 2010, FlisKits is donating 30 of these kits (along with 30 of the L-13 rocket kit). In addition to this, we are having our own Tony Vincent construct a Nell and an L-13 which will be donated to historian Mott Linn to be put on display at the Goddard Exhibit at Clark University.

Wait! There's more! The Nell rocket that Tony has built will be FLOWN before it is donated. And it will be flown on the SAME SPOT that Robert Goddard flew HIS Nell, in Auburn, MA, just 2 days before the 84th anniversary of Goddard's historic flight!

Kathy and I just finished kitting up the first batch of 150 of these wonderful kits (see attached pictures). We also did another 50 of the L-13 so that we can leave some of both behind to fill orders that we expect to come in while we're away.

Keep watch over our website as we expect to have this available for purchase before the beginning of NARCON, later next week!

FlisKits is proud to announce our two newest kits NOW AVAILABLE!

Both are scale kits and both are commemorative kits of the 2010 national convention (NARCON)!

These two kits make up the Robert H Goddard Historic Series and include:
  • Nell - A 1:2.5 sport scale of Goddard's first liquid fueled rocket! Never before offered in kit form, the Nell is the most significant rocket to have ever flown! Standing over 50" tall and powered by 18mm motors, this is a must have for any serious scale or history buff!
  • L-13 - A 1:5.5 sport scale model of Goddard's highest flying rocket, launched in 1937. This BT-60 based, 18mm model is a simple build and a simply beautiful model of this very historic vehicle.

Both kits are now released and available for purchase on our site. Shipments will begin mid-week next week, after we return form NARCON.

Weather permitting, a specialty built Nell kit will be flown on the VERY SAME spot that Goddard flew the original, Sunday afternoon, right after the conclusion of NARCON. This model, along with an L-13 model, will be donated to Clark University for inclusion in the Goddard Exhibit.

FlisKits is proud to be able to bring this caliper of rocketry to the community and we look forward to serving you well into the future!

Visit https://fliskits.com/ for more information.