FlisKits Freedom Forge Missile

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Dec 9, 2009
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I searched the forum and didn't see any posts on this fun bird. It's OOP now, but was a fun build. I didn't like the stock paint scheme, so made up something more to my liking.

So here's mine. I can't be the only one here who has one.



I managed to get one just as they were announced as OOP.

I still have not gotten around to building yet.
It can be modified to gap stage 18mm to 13mm. And I did. :)

Meet Fred'n'George. The lower, gunmetal part with the orange fins is the booster, George. The light blue part with the shark's teeth is the sustainer, Fred. George includes a stuffer tube and a coupler around which is wrapped a small Nomex streamer, providing at least some drag on the way down.

The forward fins on Fred had to be moved back a bit, and the nose cone has some epoxy and lead stuffed into it. Alone, Fred struggles into the air on an A10-3T; with George's help, it gets a lot further!

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I would fear that Fred would be difficult to see in the sky, though the shark grin is a nice touch.