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Dec 9, 2009
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I'm bored again so here is a photo of my first cluster attempt- a Deuce's Wild.
I stole the paint scheme from the Tour de Deuce program, but changed the nose so it's not a complete rip off. If i had the cone in straight, the red-white and blue would continue up the nose. It's a fantastic looking scheme for this rocket and was a fun kit to build. This was on 2 C6-5s.

Successfully launched with an regular Quest launcher with a 9v, not a 12v, Estes-E or anything special. It was slow to ignite, tho and apparently one engine was a hair late. It flew in a shallow arc slightly off to the side but was recovered just fine.

When soccer players aren't there this is a great location. Ask me about the SR-71 and the soccer coach who almost beat the reindeer poo out of me last year.:impatient:

Can't wait to fly it again now that it's repaired from the 'car incident'.

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okay, what happened with the SR-71 and the soccer coach who almost beat the reindeer poo out of you last year?
Ok, well since you asked nicely, I'll tell you the story.

It was a slightly breezy day in February or March. I had flown all sorts of rockets in much windier conditions with no ill effects. Well, I had my nice new Estes SR-71 Blackbird, ready for her second or third flight. I had flown her twice the day prior. Again no problems. The park is in a weird area, though, that the wind direction seems to change frequently. A bowl effect or something caused by the trees.

So we got to the middle of the field you see above. About 300 feet maybe to the left is a soccer game. Girls about 11ish. Lots of parents around. We're fine, no big deal, they're way way off. Concern didn't even cross my mind.

Well, set up the Blackbird on the pad with a C6-5, angle it into the breeze slightly as I normally do to keep drift down and grab the controller. Checking the sky and immediate area near the site, all clear, 3- 2- 1....

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The Blackbird screams into the sky and gets about 30 feet in the air, when it weathercocks to the...you guessed it...left. In slow motion, I can still see that thing go horizontal.

Now this is a fairly intimidating kit. Knifelike nosecone, all black, nicely weighted in the front, it's got some heft. And now it's blasting in the direction of the soccer game at who knows...150mph?

I'm praying..."please pop, please pop, please pop. What did I put in it... C what god i hope not a 7?" 1 second 2 seconds 3 seconds.

Does it eject? No luck. It flies under full power like a Maverick into the field, right in the middle of the game. Buries itself 5 inches into the dirt and then pops the chute. No one is hurt, thank God. It seriously could have been bad.

Well, after running up to it and stomping it to death, the fathers of the soccer players look in my direction. I am already boldly walking in their direction to apologize profusely, but I see the look on their faces. Hell hath no fury like it. (And rightly so. If it was my kid out there and this guided missile almost skewered her...i'd be pretty P.O.'d too)

One guy, the coach, is quite red as we close the gap, gripping my poor nosecone and chute. "Did you do that?!" He asks me. "Yyy...yes," I stammer. Ignoring me he continues, louder, "Did YOU do THAT?!?" "Yes, I'm sorry, I don't- " "This THING," holding the cone in my face like a gun, "came 5 inches of my kid's temple!!"

The other guys are coming up behind him, looking more like they were planning on having to hold him back so he doesn't jam the SR-71 into MY temple.

"I'm sorry, sir, my name is John, and I don't know what happened. They usually fly straight up. I, I am really really sorry." I was really hoping he wasn't going to kick my tail in front of 50 families and my own kid.

"Well, what you are going to do is march over to that field and APOLOGIZE to my players and all their families."

"Yes sir I'd be happy to." I did just that. The parents didn't seem to be too worried about it at all, and the kids were just doing their thing.

Well...for about 6 months I steered clear of launching anything at this field and found other places to fly rockets. Now, ever cautiously, I am flying here again, but only when there are no games or even small groups of people.

Oh, what about the SR-71? Well, after picking up its crushed, charred hulk from the field, and humbly taking the nosecone back. I realized that this kit might not be the one for me. That was of course, until i saw the thread on clustering one the other day.
Ya gotta love a good Deuce thread :) You really do want a tad more power for clusters. Having misfires is frustrating at best.

Do you have any close up static shots of the paint job?
Maybe i oughta make that flight story its own thread. I'll see if a mod can do that.

The only close up I have of the Deuce at the moment is this one, but it's unfortunately in disrepair. I'll see if I can get a better shot this weekend.

liked that, did'ya? :)

By the way, John, that is a nice looking paint job. Very cool!

I was inspired when I saw that Tour de Deuce started in my neck of the woods. Hope one day you can make it back to Bunnell.

Since you asked, I've got a new photo of the Deuce on the pad. You can see the intended effect with the paint, although the lines don't line up perfectly.


And here it is on the way up. Both motors did ignite although this looks like only one is going at the moment. The flight was straight, and recovery beautiful.

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Coming from you, Mr. Flis, that is very good to hear! I look forward to building many more of your kits.
Ah yeah, ... I did swipe that from Payloadbay.com ...I had intended to source it when i posted it. I should have asked first. I had to cut out my really baggy jeans. I don't understand what's going on in my pants in that photo.
Ah yeah, ... I did swipe that from Payloadbay.com ...I had intended to source it when i posted it. I should have asked first. I had to cut out my really baggy jeans. I don't understand what's going on in my pants in that photo.

No, problem. It's your rocket in the photo and I'm happy you like the photo (pants excluded). I just like to plug my site when I can. :)

-- Roger
Update on this rocket. Thought it interesting to report that I had good success flying the Deuce with Q2G2 igniters and the quest 9v launch controller. Much better than the estes igniters.