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Jan 17, 2009
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From the horses mouth, so to speak :)

I just had a terribly upsetting experience with regard to our own customer service. I had received word that a customer had a very unhappy experience with FlisKits. The details are not important other than to say that they had a problem with a kit and when seeking a correction never heard back from FlisKits.

Turns out we had a problem with our SPAM blocker and the note was flagged as SPAM and auto deleted (i found it in the trash can). I have fixed that problem by removing the blocker and will spam block manually, but that is no excuse. I am currently working to fix the problem with our customer.

I just wanted to relate to this forum and all who read it that we take customer service very seriously. Some may wish to point out that we have a nearly unblemished record and this incident is only one of a very, very few that have gone bad, but that is of little importance.

Our customer satisfaction rating is of no interest or comfort to the customer who happens to be at the end of the rare case of poor service. The fact that it was caused by a problematic spam blocker is also inconsequetial as it is still our responsibility.

Low quality products, poor customer service and the like are NEVER acceptable and we always will take full responsibility regardless of *why* it happened. We may scratch our heads over it sometimes and may even bemoan (to OURSELVES) that "it isn't *our* fault", but I will maintain to the end that it will NEVER be viewed as the "customers" fault.

If you have a problem with ANY FlisKits product, service, promotion or anything, please bring it to our attention. If you don't hear back from us in a reasonable period of time, please try again and/or try another avenue. This wonderful technology of ours isn't perfect which is why we provide many ways to reach us.

Thank you for your continued support
the gang at FlisKits
Well, ya screwed up. But at least you're not blaming an anonymous source or insisting you're right while the whole world is wrong ;). You took responsibility for your mistake. What more can you do and what more can anyone ask for? Doesn't make that customer feel any better, but personally I *like* businesses that try to do their best and accept responsibility for mistakes when they fall short. I won't say don't beat yourself up...go ahead and do that...then move on.
I have nothing but respect for Jim and the vendors here that I have dealt with. Their presence on these boards is a major reason I'll do business with them before faceless companies like Estes. Their contributions to TRF have given me much better skills to build rockets.

I'll do business with people who take care of their customers as if we are the King (He with the gold...). I do not go back to places where they make me feel like I'm a burden to them! I do not complain, just do not go back.

I love vendores online, because I can get feedback within a few hours if I need an instruction step clarified - try that w Estes! :p


Thanks vendors!

Thank you for your comments (this really wasn't a thread attempt to get kudo's sent my way, just a reafirmation of what we're here to do).

An update: I have since received word from the customer who truely appreciates our handling of the situation once it was brought to our attention.

Beat myself up over this sort of thing? Yea, I have to. It's the only way to correct it. Move on, I will, but confident that i've done everything I can.

Thanx folks :)
Well, this is another plus for Fliskits. I've lost money because of someone not doing as I had asked, and then saying well its not my fault.:mad:

I hope the customer reads TRF, and the comments made about Fliskits service. Jim will burn himself out to make the customer happy.;)
KUDOS to Fliskits service!!!!!
Originally posted by jflis
Thanx folks :)

Okay...just to be clear: Tonight's drawing will result in a certain winner from Virginia, right??? ;)
hey, nobody's won from California yet! then maybe Virginia. too bad September doesn't have 50 days, then we could have the Tour De Fliskits Birthday or something.

Having dealt with you as a customer & a vendor. I would like you to know that we model our customer service on yours. You and your company are excellent to deal with and should be considered the gold standard for rocket related customer service.

"Uncle" Mike
That's my "ace in the hole", as it were

Ahhh The "Ace in the Hole"...is that a new model?...What's it look like? When will it be released?...Can I preorder one?...Got any picks?...Need a bata tester?...


:D Jim, choose your words carefully in this forum!
Originally posted by sandman
Ahhh The "Ace in the Hole"...is that a new model?...

HMMM. Duece's and Ace's. I see a trend here. ;)
Originally posted by jflis
geeze, ya think???


That's my "ace in the hole", as it were :)

Man, "Ace in the Hole" - now THAT's a marketable name!!! How about a new contest: Build a rocket that best suits the name "Ace in the Hole" and the winner takes the normal DOM honors. The best model also *can* be considered as the Design of the Year.

Man Jim...talk about loose lips. :D
I'm tryin to figure out how a single canted motor is gonna work.......

Didn't I say, choose your words carefully?

See the kids have started something!

Don't give 'em ideas!
Originally posted by SwingWing
I'm tryin to figure out how a single canted motor is gonna work.......

My Duece has done that a few times. Not much altitude, but no damage. ;)
Originally posted by jflis
Hmmm, never considered that, but &quot;Ace in the hole<sup>TM</sup>&quot; is kinda cool isn't it??

:D :D :D

Now we know what the 4" canted cluster rocket will be called ;)... Jim... I have a GREAT idea for the desing too ;).
Hmmm, never considered that, but "Ace in the holeTM" is kinda cool isn't it??

Would that be the one with the canted 18 mm cluster around a 24mm motor in the middle??