FlisKits adds 2 new nose cones!

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Very cool Jim! I might be able to use these sometime, somewhere, on SOME project, but today's not their day, and tomorrow's not looking very good either! LOL

I like these balsa nose cones a lot. One I'd like to see you offer is a balsa version of the PNC-60AH, the cone used on the Der Red Max, Citation Patriot, and others. I really like it. Another is the Patriot style nose cone. I don't know the part number off the top of my head, but I like that cone. I think it's something like a 2:1 ogive...

The NCB-20R looks like a BT20 based WAC Corporal nosecone. Hmm...or a Black Brant II. Could do a downscale. Jason? C'mon man...I know you have it in you. :p
I think Thrustaero offers a BNC-60AH (Der Red Max et al) nose cone. Looks very good from the pics I've seen online.
They were BT-20 cone shape. Short length, probabily less than an inch. The Glotova used them on the recruits... I gave the Glotova to Olga, so I can't measure them for you :(.
I have slowly come to like conical nosecones...they have their place in my fleet. The BT5 looks like the shallow ogive of the Estes BT55 nosecone...nice job Jim.