FlisKits: 3 new kits for NARAM!

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Jan 17, 2009
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FlisKits is proud to announce the release of 3 new kits just in time for NARAM!

Available for purchase today (shipping mid-August when we return) we have:
  • Shadow Lord - 24mm sport model featuring water slide decals
  • HEMV-4 - Micro to the MAXX futuristic model patterned after the HERC-5, featuring water slide decals
  • Lil' Guy - Commemorative kit for NERRF-5 (NERRF attendiees can get one with a NERRF sticker in it!). Skill level 1.5, a great introduction into larger, more complex kits!

Come to FlisKits.com for full details!

I will provide more information in the next couple of days. Right now I am stumped for time preparing for our trip out to NARAM.

Be sure to visit our booth at NARAM and at NERRF!

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