FlisKits: 2005 catalog coming soon!

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Jan 17, 2009
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I have just about finished the newest catalog (12 pages now, WOW!)

It has all the newest kits, such as the Triskelion, FarScape Alien8 and the two soon to be announced payload kits PayLord and StarLoad :D

Here is what the cover is going to look like (catalog is still black/white at this time)
and, as a sneek preview, here is the section for the two new payload kits. NOTE: We don't have pricing yet but hope to by the end of this coming week.

These kits were supposed to be part of the 2004 offering but we just couldn't get them done in time. As a result the soon to be announced FlisFleet04 only has 5 kits in it (still a great deal though! :) )
Both look great, but is the 24mm one called the StarLoad, or StarLord? I see it both ways on the info.;) Man, Its nice to be a pain in the A**:D

yea, you ARE a PITA! :D :D :D

Good catch, it's the "StarLoad"

sheesh! gonna have to edit that page yet *again*!

I also hope to post the pdf of this catalog, by page, but it *will* be large...

Thats good news, Jim.
I was just flipping through your catalog the other day, trying to decide what to order with my gift certificate, and realised the Triskelion wasn't in there. Couldn't help but wonder what else might be available, like the Alien 8.

Can't wait to see the new catalog.

A nice catalog should help in marketing to hobby stores, no?
Originally posted by rstaff3
A nice catalog should help in marketing to hobby stores, no?

yep, that's why i'm scrambling to get it done. I am in the final bit of editing now and will be submitting for quotes tomorrow. Hope to have it to the printers by Wednesday and have catalogs on Fri or Mon.

As soon as I send it out for print I will upload the pages to our web site and post a link on our main page.

As for kits in the new catalog that are not in the *current* catalog, they would be:

PayLord (price TBD this week)
StarLoad (price TBD this week)

we also have a small section in the back of the catalog about new products coming later this quarter.

Regarding new stuff:
Don't forget the cluster motor mounts, baffles, and decal sheets.
Will all of that be listed in the new catalog also?

Yep, they sure will! In fact, the baffles and the new (BT-80 based) cluster engine mount kits have a small ad in the catalog even :)