Flight report 16May09 some good some bad all fun

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Jan 19, 2009
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So after waiting a while I was finally able to fly a number of rockets this morning.

  • Estes Tornado on a A8-3 Screamed into the sky great flight but Lost the upper half
  • Estes Skywriter on a B6-4 Great flight but wind brought her down in a tree
  • Estes Nova Payloader on a A8-3 Great flight but am glad I used a smaller Motor Shock cord burnt though causing the two halves to come down separate. No damage.
  • Corn Roc an a C6-4 great flight but got hairy waiting for the ejection charge to blow was more like a C6-10. Spiraled up came down in street with a little damage but fixable.
  • A.S.P V2 on a C6-5 Great flight and recovery but the shock cord needs to be moved up it was singed a bit at the base.
  • Semroc Astron Space man on a A8-3 Great flight but one arm broke on impact easily fixable.
  • Estes Galactic Taxi clone on an B6-4 lost the nose cone when it separated from the main body due to chock cord burn through.
All in all even though I did have some issues it was a great day to fly I’m hoping to recover the skywriter with a 20 foot pole. But it was a blast and a bunch of people want to start getting into rocketry again and now. So it was fun
Sounds like fun. I still have not launched this year.

Hope you get the Skywriter back.