flight pics from Maskegan Mi launch this weekend

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Jan 18, 2009
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I took the 2hr drive to Maskegan to take a look at the new club and field we have in MI. This place is awsome there are some small trees with in 300 yards. Then to the west you have around 5 miles of field and grass for recovery. Maskegan has the premere launch site in MI. We had very light wind with clouds so the 15,000 foot waver was higher than I would want to fly. I had plans to fly my PR comp-3 on a Loki K-960 to just over 10,000'. Plans changed and I put a Loki I-430blue in my PR lil dog it wint to 5811'. It went just into the clowds.


We hung around and watched the other rockets go up here are some pics of other guys and gals rockets




I desided to get a Loki J-820 for my comp-3 and here are a couple shots of the boost



the back ground is to the North and the trees are 20' pine trees that are not very wide may be 20 to 30 yards then there is a very larg field and the sprinkler is 1/2 mile away.
My comp-3 landed close to 1 mile east of the launch pad and the tree line was around 4 miles further east
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Wow! I love those pics. I especially love the flame separation on the Loki Blue.