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Jul 21, 2009
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What you guys using to keep track of motors used, rockets ect, ect.. Is there something out there already templated..??
For HPR, I just use the club's online Launch Logs at their website. Very organized, and sortable by flyer, motor, date, rocket, etc. etc.

For LPR, no, we just wait for nice days and burn as much as we can!:D

Go to EMRR on the web, i use its flight log system and it tracks all your motor usage, comments, etc.
It's the only system i use now
I set something up in Excel, the first sheet is a summary sheet with rocket info, the rest of the sheets are broken in to categories i.e. scale, sport, cluster, sci-fi etc. These are where I keep a brief flight report for each rocket.

I have something similar to keep track of engine usage.
Thanks...Im going to give EMRR a shot...I was hoping there may have been some little nugget out there already...I started making a spreadsheet but quickly gave up on it....
This artilleryman's battery book from my days at the MoD weapons range is good enough for me.


You might want to look at this item# on eBay:

I have an older version, but with Rocksim and the club's flight logs, I've never really used it.
I keep multiple databases, cause I'm OCD like that :blush:

I use an excel chart as my primary source, mainly because it's more flexible with multiple booster stages and such.

I keep EMRR as my secondary source. It's nice for having all the fancy calculations and graphs, as a record that is not affected if my computer crashes, and as a public record. It also has some older flights on there, though the data is rather spotty.

I also keep full records of my flights on my blog, with full info on the flights and pictures, this time for public consumption.
I use Excel and then the pivot table function.... the poor man's Microsoft Access relational database manager.
You can also use Excel and autofilter the columns - the poor computer dummy's database. :rolleyes:
Looks like Ill go with the Macs version of Excel...

I just download an Iphone App that has a log feature, but after playing with it for a few I find it wasn't worth the money...Oh well... :( The simulations don't come anywhere near RockSims altitudes but the log feature works as expected....
I also developed an Excel database I use to track our ~120 rockets and motors used. It's to big to attach. I'd be glad to send a copy if you PM me your email address.
My record keeping is spotty at best. I have some on EMRR, some in a couple notebooks I drag to launches and we started a new card file at NARAM so each rocket has its own card with usable motor sizes and launch history. My boys are big enough to prep and launch by themselves but I was getting tired of them constantly asking me "What motor can I put in this?" Thus, the card file.
Keep...logs...of...motors and....flights??? :confused: :eek: Who on earth ever does that? :confused2:

But it is an intriguing concept; maybe I'll give it a try... sometime.

Keep...logs...of...motors and....flights??? :confused: :eek: Who on earth ever does that? :confused2:

But it is an intriguing concept; maybe I'll give it a try... sometime.


It's self defense. I really haven't been good about up until now, but at NARAM I found that if I watch my boys and keep track of what motors they are using, then i don't have time to fly. If I fly then i don't watch them and at the end of the day, I have no idea how much they've used from the motor box inventory. I needed some way of knowing how much to order when it was all over.