fleet week !

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Dec 30, 2003
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lets see them fleet pics.
and the # of rockets you got.
flyable !
i got 13 flyable
and 2 being made.
will post the others as they are made.
from left to right
tx twister
cluster bomer
freedom fighter
bull pug
astra 3
mercury redstone
and the
I lost half of my fleet Monday but the Patriot is still ok, the Rain Maker has a clipped wing (soon to be fixed) and I hope to get my Wizard back out of the tree tomorrow morning. I just finished the Sizzler, I have a High Flyer that I just started painting tonight and the Guardian is almost ready for clear coat. The next build is my Comanche (3 stage) and then I'll get started on the 3 x 24mm cluster Executioner. So that's 6 built and 2 on the menu.

Here ya go....


Currently working on a Fliskits Deuce's Wild. The weather looks good for the weekend so hopefully I can get my two boys out for some fun. Plus...we get to try out the new launch controller...


The little R2D2 flies pretty good. It was a RTF that came in a starter kit one of my boys rec'd as a gift. I'm not a big fan of how the engine loads up in the RTF's....there's a plastic ring that you kinda just twist on. It's good for school yard launches....in other words...it doesn't fly too high. BUT the kids LOVE it.

The absolute COOLEST one is the old Mars Lander. Slow take off with lots of smoke and noise. A crowd favorite. I really need to do a little refurbish/update on the recovery system though. I'm thinking about putting in a piece of kevlar thread to back up the 25+ yr old shock cord...not for IF it breaks...for WHEN it breaks. I would hate to lose the ole ML.

great looking fleet, Turbo. I seem to recall that Estes will be producing a Mars Lander reissue soon.
Hey OK Turbo:

That camo Red Max is pretty cool!

And you GOTTA love that Pratt Hobbies Surefire 2 system. I have one too, and it is simply wonderful!! The best personal launching system ever commercially made - period.

If anyone else out there has ever even considered one - do yourself a favor and treat yourself. You will not be disappointed.
lmao i love the r2d2 (i lost mine in the great basement to attic movement of 2002)... comes with the little r2d2 controller i made into a 12v... it doesn't go that high if i remember... only like 50-100 feet...