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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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left to right: fliskits deuces wild,estes yankee, estes maxi alpha 3-with only one body tube( i just think it looks better this way), estes comet, estes alpha, estes astrocam, estes fat boy, 2 quest big bettys, home-built estes der red max clone, laying in front an estes bull-pup modified to my liking and an estes gnome being held by my daughter.
Yup, it sure is . I built it in 1984 and originally painted the whole thing red. It had little white star decals all over the nose cone, the cheap rubber shock-cord and the L shaped motor retainer. This is my oldest surviving and still flying rocket. I swear I've flown her at least 50 times or more-ol' reliable. I was fly'n her a couple of years ago when the cheap rubber shock cord gave out and the comet came plummeting down w/o a chute! Luckily the rocket came down horizontally as if it were laying down. This really slowed its descent and it landed in tall grass with no damage! So I fixed her up with some extra long sewing elastic and updated the paint job with a neon yellow/black fade paint job. I renamed her the Bumblebee, which I put on the side in small black letters. Good eye, btw.
Sweet, don't lose that Comet!

I always liked that size rocket, small enough to get up there on C motors, but not so small you lose sight of it.
That NC is classic, my favorite design. Some really cool rockets based on that NC/BT55 combo- Vigilante, Blue Bird Zero, Goblin, etc..

Growing up we use to drag race my Blue Bird against my friend's Comet, I always lost, but it was a lot of fun!
Great fleet man...now is the time to hit Hobby Lobby for more kits at half the price....gotta keep building! :)

Once again, nice...