Flash sale - huge print volume 3D printer kit - $289.99

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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Amazing flash sale for 9 more hours - $289.99. HUGE print volume 13" width, 13" depth, 15.75" height. The bed moves only on the Z axis as a large volume printer should to avoid transverse accelerations on the potentially tall printed object. The reviewer finds that the heated bed only reaches 57C (claimed 110C), but he plans to insulate it to get it heated faster and to a higher temperature. Considering that max temp, it's only good for PLA and PETG. He hates ABS anyway (the ambient temp around the print must be constant and elevated above normal ambient to get good prints, especially with tall prints) and ABS releases unhealthy fumes which would be significant with large prints.

IF I absolutely needed more print volume than I have, I'd jump on this even thought KITS can be a real pain if you don't know what you're doing (or even of you do) especially when it comes to ensuring necessary dimensional symmetry and accomplishing post build calibration. You can't count on Chinese support, but it looks like there'll be plenty of users of this model and they would be your problem fixing resource.


As an additional discount, the reviewer's 12% off coupon MIGHT work although he lists it as just being for "tools" on Gearbest.

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