Fix for Openrocket Android Motor Issue

Kyle Adler

Sep 7, 2019
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I posted this as a comment but I figured it'd be more useful as it's own thread:
Hey guys, I've found a way to solve the issue. Though I have very little android development experience, the error seemed like all you had to do was replace any thrustcurve2008 query with a thrustcurve2015 one. So that's what I did, and it fixed it. There are still some other issues with mass components and fin fillets, but with this fix it allows you to run sims.

1) Download oponrocket apk from site
2) Decompile with a tool like APK Easy Tool
3) Search file for "openrocket" to find the folder of queries
4) Open all with something like Notepad++
5) Find and replace all "2008" with "2015"
6) Recompile and put onto phone

Let me know if you have any questions.