First Successful Airstart

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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
During the TRF meet, my Magnum roared off the launch pad with a medium smoke, J500 Super Tiger motor. One and a quarter second after take off, the J500 stops thrusting. A quarter second later, my homemade timer fires two Magnelite coated Daveyfire igniters. Two H128's instantly roar to life. What an awesome flight! The altimeter reported 2,100 feet. Click Here for Video

Great picture by Carl Tulanko.
Very nice Doug. You think you'll put a K in there? When they become available again, use a long burn K185W then airstart a pair of H motors. That'd be awesome!!!:D
very nice video. I need to get some of that magnelite to coat my igniters with

btw I love the pic you included in the post it is awesome
Hey Doug, what kind of battery did you use?

That was a great flight, bro! Way cool. I want to get my hands on some of those elusive J500' looks like the J400RR (which was also a very graceful flight via the video) has been certed, too. Is it for the same case....?

Nice job!
I used a 9 vt battery :). The timer drives a relay, right now it runs off the same battery. I just installed a Missile Works Pet2 timer... if I use it to drive a realy, I will use a second 9vt and capacitor discharge config.

The J500 has a yellow-orange flame, large alluminum content. The J400 is a Red Motor. No, the J500 and J400 are not the same case. The J500 fits in the Kosdon 38/640 case. I think I fired the last two J500 loads that existed during the Meet. The equvalent motor that fits in the same case as the J400 (54/1050) is the J450 Super Tiger. That is a very nice motor.