First spring launch today!! 03-28-04

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Sep 11, 2002
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Hi Gang,

Well, after a long winter and an extra helping of snow two weeks ago, we finally were able to launch some rockets. This was the first sport launch for 2004. Temps were in the id 50's, with 5-10mph winds, muddy fields, and sunshine!!

This was the first launch at a local school, so there were no big birds. I assembled about 8 13mm rockets and the rest 18mm. The only C powered launched were the Mars Lander, the Screw Machine (weighs a ton!!) and the Citation Patriot.

I have attached a teaser pic, but you can view more photos at my Yahoo photo album:


It's a shame really...that Sprint took off so fast in pic #16 it looks like it left your nice decals behind!:D

Always one of my favorite rockets.

Great pics.

Great photo set and thank you for sending me a link to the Overdrive launch. Talk about a *blur*! :) I'll have to find a way to use that pix on site to show how to get the most out of these small motors :)