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Oct 11, 2004
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Well,here is my first rocket build. A Fat Boy. Not a Bad Rocket to build but the fins where a little tricky to work with. Not touching the motor tube and so on. I was going to build the Estes GBU-24 Paveway III but my little girl wanted the fat boy to fly. Still have to put fillings on the fins and but a coats of primer on. Going to paint it later, have to see how it flys first, never know. The chute was a peace of S***. The Line own the chute riped on the ends when putting on a snap swievl so i have to get a new one. I'll end up putting a 16" chute on,then the 18".
Hopeing it keep it from drifting to much. Ive been reading the EMRR's Review on this rocket and it seams to have a lot of weather-cocking. I build it pretty lite. Im hoping to get to go to the challenger 498 launch this week end to fly it. This will be are first club to go too.
Looks like you hit the ground running with that Fatboy kit. I'm only speculating here, but did you get into rocketry from browsing the aisles of WalMart? Are you returning to the hobby or is this your first time? The only reason I ask is because in the last 2 years or so I've run into a few people that have gotten back into the hobby because they happened to see some rockets in the toy section of WalMart. That was one of the reasons I got back into it believe it or not! :)

Good luck with the rest of your builds and upcoming 1st launches! I'm just curious to see who will be more excited - your little girl or YOU! :D
Flew rockets when I was a kid. Got back in it with my little girl.We started off on a starter kit and downloaded some stuff from Fliskits and art applewhite and flew thoes. Been in Plastic models when i was 13 years old or so and still do them. So doing rockets isit a big deal for me to build. She saw these rocket at Wal- Mart and so we put it togther. She really likes to fly rockets and I can't beat that.
Originally posted by troutfinder293
Im hoping to get to go to the challenger 498 launch this week end to fly it. This will be are first club to go too.

troutfinder, I'm a member of the challenger 498 club (, but I won't be able to be at the club launch this weekend. I know that several other of the guys in the club will be there, so I hope you can make it. I don't remember just where you live, but on November 20th and 21st there will be a big event, the Crossroads of Texas 2004, at the Hearne, TX, airport. I'll be there on the 20th, as will 10 or 12 members of the Challenger club and dozens of other rocketeers from around Texas and elsewhere. Saturday is model rockets and high power rockets. Sunday is experimental rockets. This will be my first launch other than the Challenger club launches.
Good to hear from you JRThro. You got me on the right track on the webs site last time. We live on the coast about 31/2 or 4 hour drive. Me and my daughter are planing to go up there if the weather holds out. She is pumped up and thats all she talks about at school. Hopeing to see some the guys and gals there.

Thank You
Hey troutfinder,
Has your daughter seen all the pink rockets that some of our TRF guys have been posting? Do a quick search (use the blue buttons at the top of the TRF page) for "barbie" rockets and you will have some more inspiration for her next project!
Welcome to TRF
Thats Cool. That gets me some cool ideas for are next rocket are this one. Because she is a barbie girl.