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Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA

Today I picked myself up a .22 rifle from Wally World. It has the features I want... semi-auto, magazine loaded. No scope yet, but that may be a future purchase. I plan to try it out at the range tomorrow after work :).
All right! Welcome to the club!Have fun but please watch that muzzle. BTW it looks like a Marlin.Right? 795?
You can shoot all day and not go broke. You don't have to spend any time at all on your hands and knees looking for empties to reload. You don't have to erect a huge plate steel backstop. You can wear just plain sound-protection muffs and not go deaf. You can find ammo for sale just about everywhere. There are gobs of choices for ammo, all the way from 'short' squib loads (primer only, no powder) to high-quality target loads to high-velocity 'stinger' loads. Your shooting shoulder will not require medical attention in another year.

It's just great stuff!
Man, I guess big and powerful rockets were not enough for Doug, now he's getting into guns too,


Originally posted by dragonshiprider
it looks like a Marlin.Right? 795?

Nope. Its a Savage Model 62 F.

Even though I knew how to work the action, safety, and magazine, I still read the instructions. I found them to be inaccurate when it came to the dissassembly of the rifle. The steps and pictures did not match this gun. Took some head scratching, but I figured it out. Once I got it stripped down, I did a basic clean and oil. I got the riffle back together, ready for its first trial :). Looks like tonight I will have to clean it again, because I plan to fire many rounds through it :).
I have a little Remington 597 that is awesome. And I didnt go broke buying it.

(runs to finish knitting Kevlar vest)

Now we gotta drag-race. My Raptor on an I200 against your .22 with one of those primer-only loads :D

Nice choice on a rifle. I have a Ruger 10/22 and a Mark II Target pistol (both .22) and it's really nice to spend $20 and be able to shoot 1100 rounds. Although the gun likes it when you let it cool every once in a while. Have fun - .22's are a great choice!


Aren't bullets just a sorta different kind of rocket...??? Right...???
or is it that a rocket is just a different kinda bullet...???


I mean... that's how Jules Vern got us to the moon...


It's much easier to fire a gun than a rocket.

No recovery necessary.

Right Doug.

Bob Krech
Don't be too zealous in cleaning that rifle! .22 match rifles costing thousands of dollars might get cleaned every 10,000 rounds or so! Also, some match guns will void the warranty if you use a bore brush. A .22 can be easily cleaned with a pull through patch on a piece of weedwacker line. You can find a "Patch Worm" here:
Here is another nice resource:

Have fun!
Over there in the colonies - is there a difference in obtaining .22s as opposed to full bore firearms ? i.e. do you still need the same permit ? is there a lower age restriction?

Here in the UK .22 pistols are the only handguns allowed and the legal requirements are the same as for a full bore rifle (very very difficult to get)
North Star,
No permit required

Do you really think that the aluminum cleaning rods (that come with all the kits in the stores these days) can really do any damage to a steel bore?
Over here we have suffered from two incidents which resulted in legislation that virtually wiped out gun ownership and sports.
A guy went berserk in a small market town called Hungerford, killed several people and then himself. He used an assault rifle and one of those semi-military looking auto shotguns - that got those banned the next year. Then a few years later another guy attacked a school in Dunblane Scotland, he killed many schoolkids. He was licensed to hold full bore pistols - so they got banned the year after.
If the UK gets the 2012 Olympics (big IF - I know) they'll have to hold the shooting competitions in France :eek:
Theoretically, an aluminum rod and brass brush should not be able to damage a steel bore, HOWEVER, it has long been the practice of marksman NEVER to insert a cleaning rod of any description into the muzzle of a rifle, to protect the delicate and critical crown area. Volquartsen, a manufacturer of match grade .22 barrels will void the warranty of any barrel they believe has been scrubbed with a bore brush. Whistlepig is another barrel manufacturer that suggests that you should not use a brush on its .22 barrels.

Today I went to the range after work, picking up some .22 from Wally World (the nice young lady that sold me the gun was at the counter. We chatted, she shoots too :)). I must say that I am impressed. Not sure how many cllips I ran through it (10 rounds per magazine), but I only had 2 hangups that mattered. (sometimes the last shell will not clear the bolt when ejecting). One hangup was do to a dud. The other did not feed right and gummed up the bullet.

In the photo, I took 20 shots at the 10 yards, 20 yards, and 25 yards using just the stock steal sights. Actually, the left and middle only has 19 hits. That was when I had the dud and feed issue. Over 20 yards, those squares became hard to see in the sights. Maybe one day I will get a scope.. and see if I can put them all inside that 1" square at 25 yards (max distance at the indoor range).
doug, if you want some sweet accuracy go check out the CCI stinger .22 lr loads. those babies are super fast and very accurate. i shoot a ruger 10/22(best .22 gun ever) with a match barrel and bi-pod. iron sights with CCI's i can hit a penny dead center at 50 feet. its a sweet gun. supposedly those loads can bust 1700fps. (so i've heard) not too shabby.
no permits in NH for long guns. arg, jealousy. an FID card is required in MA for everything. even pepper spray and slingshots...SLINGSHOTS!!!
have fun with your new rifle. :D
Every .22 has a load it likes. Different models, even two rifles of the same model, might function 100% with one round, and jam continuously or give poor accuracy with another. I have a CZ 452 and a Ruger 10/22 that both like Winchester Dynapoints in a 500 rnd bulkpack. Great function and great accuracy. $10.00 a box. The 10/22 will not feed Remingtons reliably. Go figure.
Hey n3! Looks like ya had a whole buncha fun there.Cool!
I'd like to offer some of my three cents on rifles if I may.First off always avoid oil like it is the plauge.A well made firearm(like yours) doesn't need it parts very "oily" to function properly.Another reason for avoiding it is that it is an incredible crud magnet.For instance if you where to squeeze some lube oil down into the reciever then before long it would accumulate so much powder soot that it would be unfireable.This is not to say that a bit of oil isn't necessary but just don't go ape.Also try to avoid sweat(and blood if you cut yourself or handle harvested game) on your gun parts as this will rust them very quickly.In the case of blood in seconds!
Second;Just because a type of ammo fires well and produces tight groups in one gun doesn't mean that it will in another.That includes gun of the same make and model and even several in a row rolling off the assembly line.The best way to find your most accurate ammo is to go out and buy as many different QUALITY brands and types as possible.Sit down and start making five shot groups with each type.Preferably at least three groups from each different type of ammo.Go slow and take your time.Try to allow a least a minute between rounds to let the barrel cool.YES it does make a big difference.Groups WILL open up a a barrel heats up.I know its slow going but it's the only way to know for sure.
Three;DO NOT wait ten thousand rounds to clean your barrel.A nylon brush will not hurt your barrel so I recommend using it often.The same way that residue can damage a reloadable motor casing it can also damage a gun barrel as well as other partsI,also, recommend typing "gun cleaning" into a search engine to see the major manufacturers of cleaning supplies and what they think.
Fourth;Stay away from el'cheapo ammo.Anything that comes in an old army ammo can is JUNK! Pretty much ditto for anything that is priced far less than all of the others.Crappy materials and ingrediants will destroy your gun in no time.
Fifth;Hook with the NRA and get into a shooters course near you if you can.
Finally last but not least I suggest you climb any mountain,swim any ocean or skydive into any volcano necessary in order to secure copies of Jim Carmichaels: Book of the Rifle as well as Wayne Zwoll's:The Complete Book of the .22.Both are a must have.
Also try to avoid this: :kill:
Hi dragonshiprider. Thanks for your incite :). Some of which I already knew, and some new things that I just learned :). Your right about the oil, and I am always light on the oil. As far as cleaning goes... with many years of firing off Reloadable motors, I know that residue becomes cement if not taken care of asap. I have taken my gun apart and put it back together many times. I have determined in my opinion what has to be cleaned after every firing sesson, and what can be cleaned after several sessions.

That is interesting note about sweat and blood. Make sense though.

And I also agree about the ammo grouping. I got a box of 550 Remington High Velocity .22 Golden bullets (rated 36 grains, 1280 fps mv). They seem to shoot nice :). I also fired off the remaining Rem Yellow Jacket Hyper Velocity (33 grains, 1500 fps mv) rounds that did not feed in my brothers pistol... those shot REAL NICE!!!. Gotta get more of those :D. Then there are other brands of ammo by Winchester, Federal, CCI, and more... so much to try ;).

Cleaning my barrol, I use the aluminum rod with the swaps and a Bore cleaner.

I am already an NRA member ;).

And I do everything I can do to avoid getting myself and others hurt :).

This is what I like about this forum, and the coffee house. We can talk about all issues, and you guys post good comments about them :). There is no critism. This attitude encorages people to persue all aspects of hobbies and past times. I know some of you on the forum may have totally opposite opinions that I have about firearms, religion, yet we all repect each others views, and respect each other. I love this forum :).
Cool picture of you with the new rod! I have a 10/22 from 1979 with the hand carved stock! Also a Ruger single six pistol! As for the UK, I have read & heard that the crime rate went up 100% when they got rid of the guns! The may deny it; but its so.! Gota love the USA-Apple pie-mom & guns! OH! and ROCKETS!!:kill:
Originally posted by Aron Sanford
As for the UK, I have read & heard that the crime rate went up 100% when they got rid of the guns! The may deny it; but its so.!

Could you provide a cite for that please?
This thread is in danger of becoming political. However...

A Google advanced search looking for all the words "UK gun crime" turns up quite a few references, perhaps the most impartial being a BBC report. There have been small rises in 2003 and 2004, following a much larger rise in 2002. Nothing near a 100% rise, though.

In an attempt to get back to what the forum is about, I'll point out that a gun is effectively a sort of rocket. The bullet and burning propellant are reaction mass. The recoil is effectively rocket propulsion. And the payload is your shoulder, which means shooting violates the rocketry safety code as you're not supposed to launch a living payload. :D
it has no self propulsion system built into the bullet. oh, it also has no recovery system, so it definately violates the NAR safety code.

as for crime rates, australia saw rates rise after they banned guns too. so did washington DC. but whatever, thats not what THIS thread is about. i say we stick to congradulating doug on his new rifle. he's taken the first step to abolition of cun control!!!
Yeah, but then what is the Estes hydrogen rocket? Hydrogen burns so fast I imagine it would be similar to a bullet projectile.

Tumble recovery! Or, if you're shooting something, core sample/horizontal lawn dart recovery.
Originally posted by r1dermon
He's taken the first step to abolition of cun control!!!
I agree. I say the first step to protecting an imporatant right is to use your rights :).

The first step was when I got my carry permit 3 years ago. Last year I subscribed to a couple magazines. Earlier this year, I joined the NRA. This week I bought my first rifle. My next purchase would be a pistol... probabily a .45. I been thinking about getting this one, but I have not decided yet. .45 may seem to be overkill... but they are fun to shoot, and you can get good ammo for them for cheap :).
Originally posted by bobkrech
It's much easier to fire a gun than a rocket.

No recovery necessary.

Right Doug.

Bob Krech

Right Bob. Usually you don't have to recover your bullets, unless you are doing some kind of balistics test... then you'd be shooting at a tub of balistics jell instead of a concrete wall... And generally speaking, you know where you bullet will go... sp you have somewhat more control over the bullet then a rocket. For eample, I know my bullets will hit the target, then hit the angled concete wall... and join all the 1000s of other mangled bullets in the collection pile. When I shoot my Magnum (the rocket), I don't know if it will land near the pad, in a tree, or in powerlines....
If your choice is completely up in the air, I would strongly urge you to consider the venerable Colt Govt model.
There are gobs of smiths who know how to accurize it well. It is a proven design, put through more testing and field use than just about all the others put together. There are tons of accessories available for it. Just about anyone who sells magazines has one that will fit, and usually they have Colt original equipment.
There are some shortcomings of this (very) old design, but some of them can be overcome by add-on gear. You can get chamber-loaded indicators, ambidexterous safety levers, much improved grips, extended spurs . . . all sorts of goodies (you can spend as much as you want!) Some people say the single-action is outdated-----but how many people can truly master both double-action (for the first shot) and single action (for follow-ups)? In fact, I have heard some shooters confess that they pretty much 'kiss off' the first round, just to get their gun cocked. Certainly in that case, the old Colt is still just as good as any of the new toys.
AMEN powderburner. I would love to have a classic Colt 1911. I love shooting them. They are a bit finicy with a lot of loads using the standard magazine, but I read an interesting review of a magazine designed to solve that problem. A bit pricey, but may be worth it to shoot more the fmj. A few years ago, a friend offered to sell me one cheap that had a fractured frame. I could either buy a new frame, or get it welded. At the time, I was not that interested in it... but now.. I wish I took it... just a little work, and if could be like new... but I lost touch with him. Any idea how much a classic 1911 Gov model will go for?