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Jan 17, 2009
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Just like the Tres, I also have the first production Long OverDue kit now up for auction!

You can get to the auction by clicking here.

This auction will be followed, in the coming weeks, by:

Tres #1 (Auction underway)
Stingray #1
Triskelion #1
Farscape #1
Alien8 #1

Bid early, bid often! Don't miss your chance to own the very first production Long OverDue model rocket kit produced!
Woohoo! We're down to the last few hours on this auction and she's going for a *song* at this point!

Come on over and bid!

To view auction, click here

Remember, FlisKits makes no money on these auctions. 25% of the proceeds go directly to the NAR. The remainder goes into a fund for a scholar ship to be awarded by FlisKits at NARAM.

Help yourself to a historical rocket while helping your fellow rocketeers at the same time!
That dang Carl just outbid me.
Shouldn't he be banned from bidding on other competitors
rockets? If he owns any more FlisKit's, you ought to just
make him a partner to keep him from cornering the market!

That's ok, hopefully my kids will be at Naram this year
and get some of the sponsored prizes that these
auctions will bring!