First NARAM+ Vendor's Meeting...

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Nice! Are they going to be available through NARTS?

From what i took from the town hall meeting on the membership boxes, they are only a trial run right now. Don't expect them to become widely available outside of those at naram currently. NAR needs to make sure they are working on a small scale before making the larger investment to mass market them as a recruiting tool.

I got one of the boxes and itll be on its way to a friend who is (soon to be was) on the fence about joining. Great tools if they get used the right way. My fear and its probably unwarrented, is that folks will get the box for free build the kit and use the coupon and toss the membership application. Trip mentioned getting the person to fill out the application on the site and have the member offer to get it mailed in for them, great idea. well i am thread jacking as the op was about the vendor forum that i missed due to girl friend aggro lol.