First Mid Power launch a Success

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Feb 21, 2014
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So I went out for my almost monthly Sunday morning launch at the local school today. Brought out my normal assortment of 8-10 LPR's
I also brought out my first Art Applewhite mini saucer (the cub scout one- to test it for a scout launch on tuesday), and because the wind was non-existent, I also decided to try out my Estes Argent-"Orangent",as we painted in Orange, with some blue stripes.

We had one lawn dart- my 6 year olds Estes Fletcher, although it flew great. Broke a couple of fins, and had 2 igniter failures, but a great LPR launch.

Then, I hooked up my Pro Series controller and E Launch Pad (with tent stakes for extra resistance holding it).
I loaded an Aerotech Economax F20-4, wrapped some tape on one side of the controller clips, and hoped for the best.

My kids and wife just loved the sound, as did I, and she went straight at the angle I had her pointed- just slightly west, and floated down perfectly about 50 yards in front of where we were standing.
We built the Argent first because my 6 year old wanted to. (we bought 2 of each of the PS2 kits that are on sale all the time about a year ago), We have a Partizon under construction currently. For that sale price- I can't see how you can beat those kits. However, My son likes "Missles", so we may get the Aerotech Warthog or StrongArm to go along with these- either way- it was a fun morning!

I didn't have any problem with the standard Copperhead igniter and the PS2 controller with Duracell Quantum C batteries in it. Ignited right away.

Rex R

Apr 21, 2010
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Re; AT warthog
if you get one I suggest going with at least a 24" (30" is better) chute, mine comes down mighty fast on a 22" chute. flies okay on an E18-4.


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Nov 13, 2009
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LPR and MPR flights are cool and it's good to get the children involved. Makes for good stories down the road.