First Launch Again.. or another boring BAR post.

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Jul 15, 2004
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Yep. Me too. Got bit by the bug again. Tried a couple of years ago and RocketVision went belly up before I could buy a Machbuster.
I bought a Semroc ThunderBee and I'm still priming and sanding (GREAT kit BTW) We were at Hobby Lobby last week, they had a Quest starter kit for $8.50: launcher & control, rocket, 3 A6 engines.
My youngest daughter (13) and grandaughter (4) were very interested. We went out tonight. The Recoil is a simple little thing, plastic fin can & nose, parachute recovery - added a snap swivel.
I took the camcorder and digital camera and we fired off all the engines. Very low wind I don't think the rocket landed more than 50 feet from the pad. No problems.
Had a great time. The kids loved it.
Anyway I just had to tell someone (I know you guys probably get tired of hearing BARs rant and rave). I put some pics and a video on my unfinished website:
Now I got to build a two stage, and a cluster, and a mid-power, and a...
While I was at HL I also got a Quest Nike-K and I've finished it. The decals stunk so I scanned them in, put them on clear address labels run through the inkjet printer. Worked great. The labels I have are really, really thin so it looks good.
An idea for anyone intersted. Labels aren't cheap but they're cheaper than making decals. And easier to apply. The Nike-K is a neat looking kit.
I got to get to WalMart and get some engines for it.
Dan, first of all, we're always excited to see new (or BARs) members register and post to the site. I think the simplicity of your post, the mention of kids, and your personal rebirth into the hobby is of interest to all of us. I know for certain the older generation of BARs will appreciate your post. Besides, this can only mean one thing - MORE rockets and MORE posts, and MORE new pictures from a new member!

I think you'll get a great response from the TRF veteran staff and from all of our onboard vendors. There are a lot on here so be sure and check out their offerings. I am no fortune teller, but I'm certain a unique dual canted motor mount rocket is in your future. ;)

Welcome back to the hobby. Welcome to The Rocketry Forum. You'll call it home after a while. :)
First off, Welcome!! You will love this place. Nice report. Rocketry is one thing, but when you can get your kids involved, that makes it that much more satisfying. Here's my 2 sons just about 2 months ago.
First of all, Welcome Back :D :D

I don't think any of us find these kind of posts boring. I know that I like hearing them because I just got back into the hobby about 4 or 5 months ago myself.

We all like pictures! And we can all pick up tips from new members. I never thought of using clear labels for markings. I have been making waterslide decals but the label idea sounds promising. Where did you get the labels from?
Greetings and welcome to TRF and welcome back to rocketry.

You're going to like it here. We are all interested in what others are doing with the hobby, and bringing kids into the fun is just all the sweeter :)

Boring? HECK NO!! Your post is exactly what it's all about.

I love this kind of posts, cos it reminds me how we got started (oh so long ago, over a year and a half :) and how much fun rocketry really is!!! maybe a close second favorite kind of post are those showing the kids doing rocketry. "outta the way, dad, lemme show ya how to do it!!"
No way! Best part of TRF is chatting to other rocketeers, following projects and sharing all the good stories!
Originally posted by BobH48
First of all, Welcome Back :D :D

I never thought of using clear labels for markings. I have been making waterslide decals but the label idea sounds promising. Where did you get the labels from?

The ones I used were Avery 8660. As I said they were really thin. They probably have other sizes. These are only 'address' size labels. They probably have full sheets as well.
Thanks for all the kind words. I feel welcome!

Yep, I basically want to try one of every kind of rocket outside of high power. I'd try high power except it would kill me not to be able to shoot if off all the time like the smaller ones.

My 'big' project is to do some video rocketry. I've got a wireless spycam coming and I need to pick a rocket big enough to hoist it up.
I was going to use a pencam and decided to go wireless. Probably be selling a pencam...

Thanks again.