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Sep 7, 2016
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Hello all,

I am currently researching GPS systems for my eventual L3. I would like to get one and test with a strong L2 to get some familiarity with it before going to L3. However, I am having a tough time finding something I like. Wondered if anyone can help.

I don't need any pyro functions from it, just the tracking. I would like one that logs flight data if possible, an accelerometer would be nice as well. The big problem is I would like one that doesn't require an Amateur Radio Operator license. I will eventually get one but can't at the moment.

Does anyone know of any with an app for iPhone or a way to get the landing location from a phone rather than strictly radio directional locating?

Thank you all for your help in advance!
For something a little different look at the Insane Rocketry app. You instal it on a cheap android phone and put it in your AV bay. It records all kinds of flight data and uses the phone's GPS for recovery.

I've not used the product, but it sounds interesting.
I should mention that I use both the Eggtimer TRS and the Eggfinder. If you only want tracking (no pyro), the Eggfinder + LCD is the way to go. It's the cheapest way to get into GPS tracking; the only catch is that you have to assemble the kit yourself (or have conman13 assemble it for you).
Again, the bottom line is does one mind building or not with the EggFinder (or having it built)? The Missileworks product is turnkey and higher power than the EggFinder. The Beeline is higher power than the EggFinder too along with working out
of the box.

The difference between the Beeline and Missileworks is the form factor (ie size) and if I'm not mistaken the Missileworks can do some telemetry from an RRC-3 that's attached. The telemetry is more inclusive than what an EggFinder TRS does.

I think all these devices fit unique niches in the hobby for unlicensed GPS tracking and it boils down to what the flier actually wants to or needs. Kurt