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Jan 19, 2009
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The Largest of the Corn rocket family this 24mm d/e powered rocket is huge compaired to its siblings.

Caution Waighting this rocket has to be done carefully. I hollowed out the nose block to allow for more bb's to be used.

the parts for the Corn-E mirror the acorn and cornroc except in size

The motor mont parts

the motor mount for the Corn-E fully constructed

A long angle used to glue the launch lugs in line. would suggest a full langth launch lug as allinging on the rod can get tricky with the through the body setup.

the larger fins needed a 1/4 dremal cutting tool to cut it out
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The kevlar is pulled through the motor mount in order to allow it to be kept seated in the notch cut for it while the motor mount is glued in place

The freshly cut fins again the template is cut out of poster board to save pattern fins are glued in place with yellow glue

Compltated Corn_E waiting to be waighted

The Corc ROck Family
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Flew this rocket not to long ago on an E9-4 used a 6' rod. skys where calm with 5mph winds.

She flew well spun slightly as she was designed. nice and straght. she landed with no damage.
Charlaine, you've got the right idea. So far you have had more success than I have, and I designed the kit!

I tested on a 4 foot rod and dead-straight fins. The rocket tends to weathervane due to the fins sticking way out the back. Also, the sloped nose causes it to turn in flight. That's why I added the fin offest to cause spin. Also, you must be careful to balance the rocket properly, I did a swing test on the prototype and it passed. However, the prototype was destroyed on an E9 flight before I could test more nose weight. Imagine a flight shaped like the St. Louis Gateway Arch totally under power the whole way.


I have one extra set of materials I set aside for continued testing and I'll let folks here know the results. Some of Charlaine's suggestions will be included in the future Fall '09 limited re-release of this kit. My goal is to get it to work on an Estes Porta-Pad "E" because that's most readily available in the casual hobby world and could be considered the "Lowest Common Denominator" launch pad.

Thanks for sharing all your suggestions Charlaine!
like i said I hollowed out a bit of the block to get her to balence right and aded more bbs then you gave, also balenced her fully preped for flight before gluing the noseblock in place. then did another swing test. havent tried her on d power yet but will. though check the swing test after you build her. also if the nose is an issue you can make a clear nose cap to go over the corn nose out of a larger clear easter egg or the candy tubs cut into a cone shape. i would not fly her on anything smaller then a 6' rod it takes a bit for her to stablelize.
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this is the way i ballenced her prier to flight. i'll check the waight of the nose and let you know.