First "D" launches

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Sep 5, 2004
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I sent Blue Ninja, and Screamin Mimi up on D12-5's today. man those motors are great. The only problem was screamin mimi didn't scream. well all I heard was D power and that was it. They both landed about 90 steps from the launch pad. Pretty good launch i think. Here's Mimi on the pad.
Here's how slow my digital camera is. Mimi is gone before the shutter shut.
With enough D12's you can do anything! (well maybe not quite)....

I've found that using a digital camera which shoots continuously at several frames a second has resulted in some good launch shots. Its a (now old) Canon Powershot A20, nothing very fancy (and not even mine, tis my mum's!). I am thinking of getting a camera of my own, and continous shooting will be one of the main things I'm looking for.

The more you shoot, the better the photos get, though I still find that too close can be a problem - theres an optimum place where you can track the rocket fast enough but still have it reasonable large inthe frame.

Just my 2p's worth. If you follow the second link in my sig, you'll see some of my photos.
Yea dont worry about it we all have takin pics of smoke :D but ya gota love D12's
Originally posted by nialloswald
With enough D12's you can do anything! (well maybe not quite)....
Bowhunter, what is that rocket!

lipp - can't wait to fly some D's (and E's and F's and...)
I'm a new BAR and I haven't even flown a C yet.
I put my Semrock Jaguar SLS together last night. Supposed to do 4200' on an F. :cool:
mrcluster Lov's to cluster D12's but that's a lot of D's:D
must have been a flash pan launch cause it looks like not all of them lit.
Impressive..but definitely not low power;)
240 D's = 204ns equivilent to a Kosdon H135
I know that the pic is not low power but D12's are thats why i put it jusst to show how cool something can be but by the way
240 D's
Total Newtons
Total Pounds of Thrust
916.8539325842696 LBS

Size of Combined Motors
79.6875% of a L Motor

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Well no actually 240 D12s have and average thrust of 10.21 n/s ... 2450 n/s combined if they all lit.. which from the photo it doesn't apear they did.... so you're looking at something a bit under a K-975ww.. or 7001 Micro-Maxx-II motors.... but who's counting It a lot of D12 anyway:D
I was more astonished by the statement seen printed on the fin of the rocket in the photo of the business-end and all those D's.

"Free McVeigh"

:eek: :confused:
hey forecheck I didnt see that thanks for bringing that to my attention im gonna get rid of it