First CMASS Launch of the Year - 2017

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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
Well, that is if you don't count our Winter Follies or our two TARC launches. :tongue:

Okay, our first club launch in Amesbury for 2017. Plenty of volunteer opportunities are still available to help things move along smoothly.

We'll start set up around 9:30 and start flying about 10:30 or sooner (depending on how many help set up).

Fliskits will be on site with all of his great products. AMWProX will be on the field, too. Contact either of them if you need anything in particular.

The wind will be trending out of the north so we won't have a very large recovery area. Lower flights and dual deploy/chute releases would be a good idea.

We want all of the flights to land back on the field. Remember, some of the neighbors don't like us and those who do like us still want us to keep off of their property (ADVICE YOU SHOULDN'T NEED: if you do have to go onto someone's private property to retrieve a rocket, please go to their house first to let them know what is happening). Even our friends with the llamas need to know if we have to go into the pen; they now have some 300 lb rams that could do you some damage if they decide you would be fun to butt.

We're there to have fun, so let's do that.

Let us know what you'll be flying.
I cannot wait to get out there again. I'm bringing my friend Joe Barnard (he came with me last year), and Mrs. N00b might also be in attendance.

I did not know there would be an MMMSC launch last weekend, and I'm sorry I missed it. Looks like I have to miss the one in May as well, as I cannot get out of work that day. But I'm going to schedule days off for all future MMMSC and CMASS launches, so I don't miss any this year.

Anybody go to other regional launch sites, such as RIMRA and others? I'd like to check out some more fields and fly as often as I can. Anybody know a place I really ought to go see?

See you guys there.
I'll be there as well with my two boys. Can't wait to get some more air time. LDRS was fun but there were long wait times to get a pad. I do prefer the way CMASS runs the launches.

One note: it looks like the ticks are going to be bad this year so take precautions.
Got some bad news today, and have to miss tomorrow. I'll catch you guys next month.
I'm sorry you won't make it, Daniel. I'm glad your efforts to quit smoking have been successful.

For those who are planning on coming but are worried about the weather, for our purposes, Saturday looks to be the pick of the weekend. The wind is predicted to be from the north to northwest so we'll have a short field to work with; if you don't fly too high, you shouldn't have any trouble landing on the field. Sunday's prediction has the wind coming from the easterly quadrant for a good part of the day which would shut down our HPR and limit our MPR and LPR to under 1000 feet. It will be cloudy but Saturday will be our better day.

You can check our GO/NO GO status for Saturday morning after 7 AM by calling our Launch Hotline at 857-24-CMASS (847-242-6277).

Except for Daniel, I'll see you out there.