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Mar 18, 2009
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I just got my Firestar pyrogen mix. The instructions say to mix it all at once, however, I am not going to dip all my ignitors at once. Do I mix it at once, leave, and when I want to use it again, add the thinner, or do I only mix the amount I am going to use?
Also, I got my expanding foam, and I was wondering, how long does it take. I used a little measuring cup, and it ahs been five minutes, but nothing has happened. I got it from Giant Leap, but I think it is PML.
Well, here's my stab at it:
To the first, I THINK acetone makes it thin again.

As for the second, It really shouldn't take NEARLY that long.. I've seen it used once, and i took ~20 seconds to become very foamy...
I know this is probably a stupid question....

But did you mix the two parts? :p


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