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Naaah - I think I'll pass. Check this out instead:

Mere pocket change, eh? To think, I actually had this very set waaaay back - got it for Christmas when I was in kindergarten. Probably my most memorable Christmas ever. I played with that set for years & then my Mom tossed it out.

Actually, I'm sure the model you cite is a very accurate rendition - although pricey, it may be a good candidate for a PMC conversion...

I am interested in the XL-5, but will have to pass on both. But thanks for the links anyway.
Just for the record, neither eBay auction had anything to do with me. I'm just looking for some plans as I really want to build an XL5. I already pawed around on Dick's page and glommed what he has into my ever growing list of info. :cool:

Mr. Moderator - You can close this thread if you wish.....:kill:
No reason to close it. I found the eBay items interesting. I may buy such things when I get millions from the lottery :)