Fire hazard weather--a lesson

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hornet driver

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May 1, 2011
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Just how dry is it and how fast does it get dry? Carl the pet rocket turtle gave me a lesson.
The other day we had some pretty good storms come through here. I was surprised to see hazardous fire condition warnings posted before the rain was even over! Of course there was high wind conditions too.
What does Carl the turtle have to do with this????
On any given day I have to put about a gallon of water in his tank to top it off due to evaporation.For the last three days it's taken 3 Gallons a day due to evaporation!!!!! WOW, NOW THAT'S A LESSON! The surface area in his tank is about 6 sq/ft.
When they say there are hazardous fire conditions--PAY ATTENTION!!!
Yeah, it's bad up here in Okla. Many days of Red Flag burn bans. Lots of grass fires. "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in morning, sailor's warning"


Nahhh, it's just a grass fire...
yep, it's pretty amazing. Even as a retired firefighter, things can be amazing. Attached is a few blocks after a fire in October. City wide, I think it was just under 2900 homes and 24 commercial buildings that were lost. It's the neighborhood that I raised my family in. We moved from there about 10 years ago.

The other picture is what it looks like when the fire blows across a 6 lane freeway. Or a Kmart when it burns to the ground.




Few things are as much fun as a haboob....