fire and smoke?

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May 2, 2009
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i just got 8 - 2.6" x 36" heavy-walled Kraft tubes from ebay along with a whole lotta couplers...looking for something to clone or upscale...

i also have some materials to make some composite fins, nomex honeycomb, cf, glass...just gotta pick up some epoxy resin...

anyway, so far, the PML Thunder & Lightning seems like the longest 2.6" bird i can find but it has 27" airframe tubes and i'd hate to cut this stuff down if i don't have to.

i'll be using a single 38mm MMT and dual deployment.

any other ideas?
i got lots of tubes!

maybe a big tube-fin?

[edit - i dunno what i was thinking, the fire and smoke is a thrustline kit... lol!]
I think I bought some of the exact same parts you did on eBay except I got mine almost a month ago... Good stuff indeed :)

A tube fin rocket was something I'd been wanting to build for a while...and now I finally had the parts to do it. I used a LOC 2.56 NC held in place with some nylon screws, cut a 36" tube into a 12" payload & 24" booster. From there I downloaded the Template Widget (by Matt Stum) on EMRR & printed out a 30 degree mitre template. Cutting the fins left me with a ~9" piece from that second 2.6" tube. MMT is a 6" piece of 29mm tubing held in place with a pair of foamboard (yes, you heard me correct, foamboard) centering rings.

First flight will be this weekend on a G64-7W.

Here's a pic of my work... (and look for a review soon on EMRR for it!)
A few other things...

1) You gotta sand the heck outta those couplers to get them to fit smoothly!

2) I also cut the coupler in half.

3) I'm considering taking the 2 full 36" length tubes plus the 9" scrap (turn it into an alt. bay) I have left over & making a super-long dual deploy beast. Why not?!? :D

I'm still kicking the idea around of doing a 1.6x Big Bertha upscale too :confused: I can't decide!
no way!
i peeled a layer and they fit nicely with no Fetzing around!
(Fetzing is a climbing term i coined for my friend Charles Fetz who would fiddle around and fuss interminably! good guy, though!)

yes, i think a tube fin is in order!

nice rocket, lalli!
I have some 36 inch 2.6 inch tubes that I was considering making into a Mean Machine upscale, with a convertible 24 cluster/29/38mm mount.
I decided to start with a slightly elongated RDS Star Quest