Finished up some rockets and did repairs on old ones. Almost done!

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Jan 2, 2013
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Got the parts in to repair my Gforce and Initiator and Im nearly done. The Gforce took a nose dive straight out of the sky so I had to nearly build the whole thing. Replaced both body tubes and the nose cone. The rest I salvaged off the crashed one. I cant remember what happened to the Initiator but it got a new fin and I fixed up the bottom of the body tube that was crushed in. It turned out pretty good I think for just winging it. I straightened it out the best i could, poured some glue on it and laid out a piece of paper on top of the glue. Primed and sanded it and you cant even barely tell it was damaged. I think Im gonna paint it blue.

Finished building my Strong Arm and I primed it. I thought it looked pretty cool in grey so I added the stickers and sprayed a few coats of clear on it. Its now my favorite rocket. I love the way it turned out.

Also finished up the Hiflier XL and painted it green. That was just a quick build, nothing special. Didnt shape the fins either which I usually do. Just primed it, sanded the fins smooth, and painted it.

Heres a pic of the rest of my fleet. Got 6 more coming from Estes tomorrow. I think Im gonna give my QCC Explorer a new paint job.

Sorry the pics are so big, whoops. Had to use Photobucket cause uploading them straight from my computer they were sideways.