Finished my PDR Orbital Transport!!!

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Jan 18, 2009
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I started building this rocket back in November 2008. I even started a building thread on TRF 1.0!!! Link here.

Yesterday I painted the glider with Tamiya Mica Silver, applied the decals, and put two coats of Future on it. The clear coat really makes the glider look good. I also tested the glider and it appears it is balanced.

This morning I sanded some imperfections on the booster, primed and painted it white, and late in the afternoon applied the decals. Tomorrow will put on the Future coats on the booster.

I think it turned out nice... Don't you think? Enjoy!!!

Update Edit: I already applied the coats of Future on the Booster!
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Awesome Raul! :)

One of these days I will get around to building my PDR OT.:rolleyes:
very nice, they white and mica silver with the red are a good combo.
Bring it to Foose's and we'll have a OT duration contest, or we can drag race. I thought I had a picture of mine, but I cant find it. BTW mine is the SEMROC version in all white.
Sound like a plan to me!!! :) I have about 6 rockets I have not flown yet and all will debut at Foose Fest 2009. I am taking advantage of my "forced vacation" to catch up and finish a few.
Bring it to Foose's and we'll have a OT duration contest, or we can drag race. I thought I had a picture of mine, but I cant find it. BTW mine is the SEMROC version in all white.

Uh oh... I need to finish mine. It needs some sanding, paint, and decals. I'll try and finish it this week. Mine was a scratch job made with Semroc parts....before they offered the kit. It's been sitting unfinished for months.

Looks great Raul.
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That turned out great Rosko. How was the overall build comparing the Semroc version to the Estes kit?
Woops my bad. The PDR version, not Semroc. Doesn't matter , saw the link to the build thread. Disregard my last post, except the compliment part.
kelltym88: Thanks for the nice comments. This is my first and only OT. I will assume that there would be not much difference between the one from Estes and the one from Semroc. Maybe one has balsa NCs and the other has plastic NCs (?) They both have (I think) laser cut balsa parts, and the Estes one would have silk screen decals while Semroc's OT would have them printed on a color laser printer. Anybody out there has build both? The PDR one was a nice build and it came with nicely printed decals... I even have spare decals for another glider and some extras for the booster!!! It is a shame PDR dissapeared like it did. They had nice kits. I hope someday they come back.
Man the silver finish on the orbiter is incredible. Great job :) :wave:
Fred22: The Tamiya Mica Silver can handle clear coats. In this case I used Future - two coats on the BT, NC, and rudder; and one coat on the wings. Two coats are enought to blend the edges of the decals really good.

The tip of which silver spray paint could handle a clear coat was given to me by one of the employees of my local hobby shop. It is a laquer so you may have to be carefull on which primer / basecoat you are spraying it over.
Finished mine...little late for Foosefest.:eek: I got the parts from Semroc before the release of their kit. Made decals on the inkjet. This one has been in the works for quite some time.
That is awesome, Craig! Wish we had a triple drag race of OTs, but we can wait for the next FooseFest!