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Jul 6, 2013
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Toronto, Ontario
It took more than 3 years however I finally finished my GLR Mariah 38. This was one of those builds that I stated then stuck to the side.

I ended up doing a 3K 2x2 twill carbon fiber tip to tip under vacuum, more for practice than actually required, then I decided to have a bit of fun with it and make it a theme rocket based on my 7 year old daughter, who I affectionately call "Little Bear". That's because she is cute and little, but a feisty bear in the morning, any dads out there might relate on that one.

Instead of using decals I had Mark @ Stickershock do up some 3M paint masks. I still have to button up the AV bay but I should have it done and hopefully tested for it's maiden flight at LDRS. My phone camera, lighting and background leave a bit to be desired but the paint is smooth, lots of block sanding, lots of paint, lots of polishing all topped with a coat of wax...Nathan technique. There isn't a single seam between any of the colours, and even the carbon fiber twill pattern is pretty much invisible.

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I love that grumpy bear graphic. Looks like a angry pretty kitty. Cool.

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Wow, that came out great! I'm definitely going to have to try paint masks. I'd like to get a close look at that at LDRS.
Beautiful! I think you just motivated me to get mine done-it's been laying around with half the fin bevels since since they brought out the glass bird back when.
To all, thank you for the compliments, it is nice to hear praise when you put a lot of work into a project.

Dave, I thought about you while I was inspired to do a themed dedicated rocket to my daughter and chuckled thinking about the fleet you would have to build.

Kurt, I have a TeleGPS mounted in the tip of the nosecone, which I am just finishing up now. Once I have finished it I will post some pics, back here, of the AV bay/Shotgun tube (Which is what GLR calls it) as the system is unique for rocketry for those who have not seen it. Also it would be good for anyone else considering this kit to see what I did with mine.

Nathan, I am happy to have inspired you looking into the masks. At first I picked up some masking film and thought I would cut my own, but instead I just opted to collaborate with Mark @ StickerShock and we went back and forth on a few design ideas and settled on the pic below, courtesy of Mark. The one thing you need to put a bit of thought into before you have the masks cut is how you want to lay down the paint, which will dictate if you cut a negative or positive mask. Finally if you are dropping by for an inspection I might just have to go over it once, or twice, with my random orbit variable buffer.

fyrwrxz, I look forward to see what you do with yours, glad I inspired you to pick it back up. It is an interesting and different kit to build and I curious as to how reliable and well the recovery system works.

Here are some more pics taken during and after the T2T.

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Man I miss my Mariah 38. I think its time to make one since I got the three fins. You did a fantastic job on that M38.

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