finished madcow bomarc

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Very nice! How would you describe the build? Be sure to post first flight pictures/results.
Thanks alot. the build took very very long and requires a lot of patience, i wish i wouldve taken build pics but i didnt think about that till after i finished. the balsa takes alot of shaping, cutting, and sanding. that is the most challenging part of the whole thing. if your like me and build every rocket in 2-3 hours and you want something that will take you days to finish, i recommend this rocket. the painting itself took me a few days to get looking decent
That sure is a beauty! I love Bomarcs, just haven't had the guts to fly an original I bought assembled. PLEASE post some launch pictures. :)
Try it on the H97. It flies great. My father-in-law did it and it was awesome!
I'm thinking the H123 two grain skid. Almost the same altitude as the H97 but a lot of cool sparks. Thats why I put a 38mm mount in mine, so I can fly the skids.
I just chucked the centering rings up in my lathe & opened the hole to fit a piece of 38mm mount I had laying around & trimed the tang on the verticile stab.
Awsome Bomarc!! you have there any launch pictures on this yet?;)
no sorry, we havent been able to go launching lately but i will post them when i launch it, i promise
first launch on it today and it got destroyed:mad: it flew into a corkscrew right off the pad and launched right into the ground. ill post pics later
OUCH. Sorry to hear about the flawed flight. I think we've all shared our expense of less-than-desirable flights that end badly. There's nothing anyone can say to ease the pains other than "get it fixed" and try again. What's worse is seeing your finished prize hang in a tree or power line only to be recovered rotting piece by rotting piece. Even worse, destruction by CATO or loss to an alligator infested pond.

What I ALWAYS promote is to enjoy the build process, take many before-and-after photos, photos at the pad, lift-off, etc. and take in the experience of start-to-finish. In this case, unfortunately, the finish came too soon. Just don't take it to heart. It's part of the hobby. (Gulp...."Part of the hobby." - One of the hardest lessons.) Some folks don't even get to the pad. I've heard of kits being run over, stepped on, accidentally subjected to fan blade beatings, etc before an attempt at flight is even made. Attempt to rebuild if you can. You'll discover the rebuild to be somewhat of a healing process. Try and learn what went wrong.

Best of luck next time. Keep your chin up. Get back to this one when you feel it's time to try again. Post pictures of the aftermath. I bet you'll get multiple responses on how to proceed.
double ouch here too... sorry for your loss been there before had my Bomarc came down in flames.. oh what agony seeing that coming down with all that work I've done.:(
Arghh.. bad luck :(
Its was one fine bird.

Think i am going to build myself one sometime after seeing how nice they look with a good paintjob.
haha there is not rebuilding this one, it is done for. i did enjoy the build process though and that pretty much makes it worth it...