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Aug 2, 2004
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A&J Aerospace would like to announce that building/finishing is done for our "new" Estes Space Shuttle Columbia from 1988.

It looks good and hopefully will fly just as well, although perfectionism wasn't an issue. Will post pictures of rocket and maiden launch soon as batteries for camera can be located.
No. :( It recovers on an 18" parachute, which is kind of strange because it's not a large rocket, and doesn't weigh much at all. I guess just to bring it down a little safer.
Not at all, though it does have a plastic nose cone of course and two plastic imitation OMS pods for scale reasons, it's quite simply a body tube glued to a wingset made of 8 pieces of balsa wood with paper siding to give the flat sides of the shuttle, I'll post some pictures today maybe.
Nice model w/o being overly detailed! Well done! Can't wait to see launch photos!